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Technical support

BMx customers can fall back upon the expertise of our proper technicians. For all technical questions or problems contact us by phone or (even better) by mail:

Phone: (+32) 02 / 461.11.88 (Technical questions only)

Technical service

Customer service has always been very important for BMx. Since 1984 all repairs and assembling has been done by our own technicians and our approved dealers.
Repairs are mostly done within 24 h. If the customer wants express repair (2 - 3 h.) than an urgent fee can be charged.
The product has to be accompagnied with an exact description of the error(s) or problem, otherwise we cannot guarantee a full repair.
If no defect due to our product is found, the costs of labor and transport are for the customer. This will be the case when the problem is due to:

  • a virus
  • (correct) configuration & installation of software
  • taking backups
  • solving of conflicts with extra cards
  • ... and all other causes not at the origin of our delivered hard- or software
  For all your technical questions about the products sold by BMx call our helpline between 09.00 - 13.00 and 13.30 - 17.00 h.
(see Technical support)
PC Clinic  

Free walk-in all weekdays between 09.00 - 13.00 and 13.30 - 17.00 h.
In our PC Clinic we repair all computer models (BMx + all clones), monitors, keyboards and their related products. This includes:

  • diagnostic and detection of defects
  • repair and/or exchange of components
  • recuperation and backup of data
  • upgrading (processor, memory, disks...)
"Rescue-me loaner"  
  For critical-need users our "rescue-me loaner" program gives you the security of a loaner pc or notebook delivered on the same day!
The costs depend on the model.

In order to process all reparations fluently each good brought in for reparation must be accompagnied with an RMA-form filled in by the customer. This RMA-form identifies you as a customer and contains a complete and exact description of the problem.
To view the RMA-form in your browser to be able to print it click here.


Warranty on most products is 1 year or more.

The policies since 02/2/2002 are:

  • Warranty on all BMx Perfection and Impression computers and Servers is 3 years "collect and return" on the basic PC configuration.
    The basic PC configuration includes: Mainboard, processor, memory, hard drive, floppy drive, keyboard and mouse. Also included is all pre-installed software if ordered. No warranty however on problems due to re-installation of this software by the customer or due to changes in the configuration settings made by the customer (f.e. changes in BIOS, installation of free internet CD's,...).
    Warranty on other components (CD-Rom, DVD-Rom,...) depending on manufacturers warranty (1 year or more).
  • Warranty on all BMx Inspiration pc's en Connexion notebooks is 2 years "collect and return".
    Warranty can be extended to 3 years (1 year extra) for all small fee of 4%.
30 day satisfaction guarantee  
  Within the first 30 days of purchase you may exchange your "as new" BMx pc for full credit for a different model of equal or greater value.  

Delivery & transport


  Most products are in stock and can be delivered the same or the next day.
Delivery of entire assembled pc's may take a few days, for notebooks 1 or 2 days.
Delivery of small orders/quantities is normally no longer than one week.
  Transport costs (24 h.) will be paid by BMx Computers if transport took place during the warranty period by our transport service.
Goods are always to be sent back in the original or other appropriate packaging, otherwise damage has to be paid by the customer.
Express transport (2 h.) or transport wihout packaging is charged with an extra 15 bf/km. So always keep your original packing.

Commercial service

BMx Computers or our professionnal dealer partners are ready to help you choose the best value for your money and your needs.
You can contact BMx for commercial questions as follows:

Phone: (+32) 02 / 461.11.87  
Fax: (+32) 02 / 461.25.60





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